Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Friday is a day Linda looks forward to visiting with her mother.  Pauline is only a "couple" of years older than
this couple who are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary.  It is a proud and wonderful day for us to celebrate seven great years.  God has blessed me with two great and wonderful women as partners during the first half of my lifetime.

Linda, my love,  watches with great care what enters my  digestive system and very often suggests (strongly when appropriate ) a different diet.  As she prepares to depart for south TX I learn it is my pleasure to pick up Pauline, her mother from the Beauty Shop.

  If one thinks that the old diet ship is about to is about to hit the sand one couldn't be more right.  We quickly departed for THE COTTON PATCH.  It was closed but not to worry for there was a grand GUITAR SHOP just waiting for the likes of us.  We had a blast admiring all the beautifully made instruments waiting for someone to love them.  

Pauline said she had never seen so many guitars EVER.  She inspected each with great admiration. 

 We found several that we wanted to buy, however this would upset the BLOND so we didn't buy even one of the great works of art.

After our adventure at the guitar shop we discovered the Cotton Patch had opened and we were fast approaching a  our next great adventure.

When the pretty little waitress came to our table and handed the menus to us Pauline quickly told her she wanted a large order of chicken and dumplings.  Naturally I told her that our daughter is the recent mother of quads and Linda was in south TX visiting the NICU to see the babies.  This meal is in her honor thus I need to have the largest order of chicken fried steak that they could prepare.

  It was a great meal although I did bring half of it for the afternoon snack.

It was a wonderful afternoon, there was laughter and happiness in our hearts.

 Pauline is a great lady and was a wonderful date.  Let's do it again soon Pauline.