Monday, February 22, 2016

My World of Music

A fascination with good storytellers is mixed up in my world of music.  Tom T Hall's wonderful stories have made an appearance once again late in my life.  Tom T was in my world while I was in college back in the 1970's, however,  I guess the time wasn't right until now.  "The Harmonica Man  " really got my attention, thanks to You Tube.
He paints a picture and brings the Old Man back to life.  While being a sad song, the Old Man makes me think of him as a little boy looking and wishing through a store window.

I feel like a lifetime of memories is being shared with us. I especially feel like The Old Man knew more about music than the storyteller is relating to us.  Thoughts come to mind about his once being  an outgoing person with a lot of interests during his lifetime.  Dreamers can make good music.

He seemed to have people who cared for him, however he was still a very private person.
The song has a wonderful but sad ending for I feel like he died loving and enjoying his music privately.

" For all of his music, and as much as he loved it,
Nobody else even knew he could play."


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