Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Skip A Rope

Being a person who loves old country, folk and gospel music, You Tube holds a special place in my day.  Very few days are completed without another 'new' old song.  While working on these songs,
a lot of thought is given to their meaning and history.  Earnest Tubb is a favorite singer and writer that will warm hearts with many memories.

The story begins with four little children sitting in our living room playing...[for this story I will use initials]  H said to his sisters K, T, and L:  " Now here are the rules:  you have three choices...."
To make a long story short, the children were discussing the way the games and how they would be
played and in a fair and thoughtful loving way.  This discussion of the children made us smile.  For we knew that the children were displaying training by their wonderful parents setting the stage for future great things to come.

Thoughts came to my mind of a song of a lot of years past sung by several artists.  After searching for the song I discovered it was written by Glenn Douglas Tubb, a nephew of Earnest Tubb, one of my favorite singers and songwriters:  The song gives us examples the results of  the things we say around the children and all people because there will be an example set.  Let's hope it is a good thing for especially the children...
I've posted this song :  "Skip A Rope", as an example that we SHOULD NOT SET for the children or anyone we influence.

I hope all will give a lot of thought to the message of the song...."Listen To The Children While they Play,  It's Not Very Funny What the Children say..."Let's give the children examples for the children to follow hoping that we can say: Isn't it wonderful, Just listen to the children while they play.

Thank you Mr. Glenn Douglas Tubb, an educational program couldn't have given us a better lesson      to guide our children


  1. I remember singing this song as a teenager. I always thought it had quite a message. Amazing how after all this time I still know all of the words. It is a song that has a powerful message that more people should take to heart.

  2. Great job LD! I LOVE your LOVE of music. Music teaches us so much👍🏻😊

  3. I had forgotten all about this song! Thank you for reminding me. Good stuff.
    Linda in we're due for more snow tomorrow, Keno, Oregon

  4. I remember this song. It's been long time since I'd heard it though

  5. Thanks for your comments. This song got my attention! :)

  6. I did not know Santa can sing like this, I have heard the song a few times and had forgotten it